Space-age décor without Breaking the Bank

20 Mar 2017

Space-age décor without Breaking the Bank

Smooth curves and sharp angles are usually associated with futuristic designs. If you are staying in a house that is conventional in geometry consisting mostly of perpendicular corners, there are still ways to make your home look like it is from the future without burning a load of cash. The illusion of the future can be applied with the subtle use of furniture, wall coverings and decorative objects.

Here are ways you can go about getting that minimalist, yet space age look:


Pastel colours such as silver or greyish white are often seen in futuristic designs in science fiction movies. That does not mean your entire house or fittings should be monochrome. Some of your furniture items can colourful and you could also place bright artworks sparingly around your home.









Get furniture that is curved or angled at the edges or those that have asymmetric shapes. Having these items will go a long way in adding that space-age touch you are looking for.






Decorative Objects

Add wall panels with reflective surfaces for that out-of-this-world texture. You can also mount all the flat-screen TV sets and soundbars you own onto the walls around the main areas of your house. 



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